Written Illusionz V2.0

20 September 2004
Written Illusionz V2.0
Short illusionz
Long Illusionz
Want to talk to me?
Me, Me, Me.

It's all over
The finishing touch all done
Tears shed
Dreams shattered
All in an instant
Hearts crushed
Floods of tears invade the skin
The hardest words to hear.
"I'm sorry they didnt' make it"
Falling to the ground
Questioning God
Your faith is tried
Innocent little baby
Never to hold in your arms
Your curse God for taking
Ask him to take care of your little one
Try hard to move on
Pray for the best
But yet there is a void in your love
Memories remind you
Of that great lose
Moving on is to hard
But you can
Just trust God.
[not sure if this one makes much sense...I had a hard time reading what my paper said]

(C) Abigail Louise Wotring