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Coming Home
Written Illusionz V2.0
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Alone in his apartment, Shane Helms thinks of the choices he has left. He doesn't know how he's going to make it past the next day, let alone the next week. His girlfriend, Nora Greenwald, more commonly known as Molly Holly, found her untimely death walking alone through a near by forest. They had had an argument and she stormed out, seeing the beautiful day it was she decided to take a walk to clear her mind, she had no idea what was waiting ahead for her.


After hours went by and still she had not returned Shane set off to find her, he wanted to apologize for acting like a jerk to her just because she wanted to get married. He was scared to commit out of fear that she'd leave or something would happen, he loved her too much for that to happen and he had seen it happen too many times around him. He didn't know where she went exactly so he guessed, but instead of them making up like he would have liked to, he found her lying on the ground barely moving. "Oh my god, Nora, what happened?" he cried.


"Shane, I'm sorry, I didn't see It." was all she said.


"See what baby?"


"The snake," she said. "It was a Rattler." She pointed to her ankle.


Shane held back the tears forming in his eyes, as he looked at her leg. He could see blood running down from the bit area. "Everything's going to okay. Okay?" he asked ripping off a piece of his shirt then tying it around her leg just above where the serpent did its damage. "I'm going to go get help." He said getting ready to stand up to run back to the house.


"No, don't leave me. Shane, please stay with me. I need you here when I go and it won't be long so please stay." She pleaded as tears flowed freely from her eyes.


"But don't you want me to get help sweetie?"


"It's too late. It's been to long, I can feel it. Please hold me?" she begged.


Shane took her into his arms and wept like a newborn baby. "I love you, I'm sorry about the fight, I was wrong."


"I love you too, Shane. I'm sorry about trying to pressure you all the time to marry me. I know you love me and I know that you would have married me someday. But it doesn't matter. I love you, don't forget that and don't feel guilty about what happened today." She inhaled a deep breath, "Don't forget me." She said exhaling as her eyes fluttered, she was gone.


Shane held her for a long time just crying. About two hours later he finally stood up and picked her limp body up into his arms. He carried her back to the apartment as if in a daze until he got to the stairs and his neighbor and best friend saw him. "Holy Hell what happened?" Shannon asked.


"Rattlesnake," he simply stated.


"I'll call 911," Shannon yelled running for his phone. Not even giving Shane enough time to tell him she was gone.


*He feels her smile when he's afraid*

*It reminds him of his life before she went away*


At the funeral Shane cried uncontrollably and had to be escorted out, he was afraid that he wasn't going to be able to live with out her, but he could still feel a part of her there with him. He could feel her happiness; she was trying to tell him that everything was going to work out alright. That she was fine and he would be too. He thought of life before she left and wanted so much for it back but he knew he couldn't have, it drove him crazy.


*He might crumble, but he'll not fall*

*If the memory of his only love can stay that way*

*Still has dreams, they will get him through.*


Weeks since the graveside service Shane still hadn't went back to work, he didn't know if he could handle all the people and the attention they'd pay to him. Of course they all missed her as much as he did but it just wasn't the same, he needed to have a little more time away.  He thought for awhile that he'd never even get over her but somewhere he found the strength to continue on, his dreams of her helped enormously because it was like a part of her was still there. Although the dreams helped comfort him, he often found himself confused in what was actually real and what was not.


*Till his life means something more than to lose*

*'Cause he's still wondering when she's coming home*

*And he'll tell her what he's done today*

*He doesn't want to lose this memory*
*of the only part of life to him that's safe*


Finally after a month and a half he managed to drag himself to work, faced by Trish the first thing, "Hey Shane, it's good to see ya. We've missed you around him. S.H.I.T. isn't the same without the originally superhero. How ya holding up?" she asked.


"I'm sorry Trish; I just don't think I'm ready to be here. It's too hard to walk the arena without her," he cried, turning to leave.


She grabbed his arm before he got very far from her, pulling him into his arms. "Please don't destroy yourself, she wouldn't want that. You need to come back, Shane. We all care a great deal about you and you avoid us. You have more in your life to live for than to keep focusing on your lose. Yes, it's hard! But damn Shane, don't kill yourself...if it's not physically it is emotionally and we don't want to lose you too."


"I keep thinking that she's only away on a trip, I know she's gone though I do, she died in my arms. I can still feel the moment she left her body," he cried. "It...still...hurts a lot. I want to share with her how my days have gone since then, and I want her to realize I need her. I'm living a lie, I know. I'm afraid to come back to wrestle, I realize that now, because I feel as though if I still come to arenas and work, I'll make new memories, and I'll forget the ones of her. Does that make sense?"




"The memories are all I have Trish, I don't want to lose them too."


"You won't," Trish promised. "Well all make sure of that, we don't want to forget her either, none of us. She was an amazing person Shane. She was one of my best friends and I have memories of her that I don't ever want to forget but I can't stop living out of that fear. You understand what I'm trying to say?" she said leaning against him, they had both taken a seat on the floor against the wall.


"Yeah, but I'm just not ready, just a few more weeks. I thought I'd try tonight since you're in the area but I can't. Understand?"


"Yes, but you'll try again soon, right?"


"Yeah," he agreed, "sometime."


"That's good enough for me. So what are you going to do now?"


"Go home and probably sleep, it's what I do a lot of lately," he saw Trish shoot him a dirty look. "Okay, I won't go to sleep, maybe I'll watch some TV, maybe a movie or something."


"That sounds better," she said. "Well I hate to run but I have a match to get ready for. I hope to see ya again," she said standing up and brushing off the ass of her pants. "You take care of yourself, ya hear?"


"Yeah, you too sweetie," Shane said standing up. "I'll see ya sometime." He hugged her before leaving.


*Still hears her key, turn in the door*

*Disappointing running through him, she's not coming anymore*


Like he told Trish he would do he went home and put in a movie, Signs, but he drifted off. He dreamed she was home from a trip and he could hear her try to unlock the door. He wakes up looking around the room confused, and then remembers reality. Confused he hears something at the door, he knows it's not Nora but wishes it was. He looks out the peep hole and sees his friends: Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Trish Stratus, Lisa Varon, and Amy Dumas.


*He sees his friends, turns on the charm*

*But his heart's not in it, doesn't want to move on*


He opens the doors, "Hey guys, what are you all doing here?" he asks after plastering on a face smile.


"We thought we'd come over, make dinner, and watch a movie, that is if you don't mind," Amy informed him.


"I don't mind," he lied. "What movie did you bring?"


"Well we brought two, Bringing Down the House and Darkness Falls, Lisa said.


"Cool," he actually did want to see the last one. "Okay know we have the movies now what are we having for dinner."


"Pizza," Shannon stated. "It's the only thing I can cook, and they told me that I was in charge of that."


"Oh great," Shane laughed. "Anyone bring the Fire Extinguisher?"


"Be nice," Shannon pretended to pout. "I won't catch anything on fire, this time." He laughed recalling the time he accidentally caught popcorn on fire at one of their movie nights.


*He has his dreams they will get him through*

*Till his life means something more than to lose*

*'Cause he's still wondering when she's coming home*

*And he'll tell her what he's done today*
*He doesn't want to lose this memory*

*Of the only part of life to him that's safe*


Shannon made the pizza while the girls watched Bringing Down the House and the guys chatted in the kitchen. "So, Jeff, who's the lucky girl in the room that is with you?" Shane asked, the last time he had seen him he was single.


"Lisa," he answered cautiously not wanting to say the wrong thing and upset his friend. "We've been together for about three weeks."


"That's cool, and you Shannon, you dating Trish?" Shane questioned.


"Nope, she's just a friend, I'm dating a girl I knew from school named Crystal."


"You'll have to bring her around sometime."


*He's missing out on life*

*Because he doesn't know how long to keep her in his mind*


Shane felt sad, and for once it wasn't because of Nora. He couldnt believe how much he had missed out on in his friend's lives while he was mourning. He shouldn't have shut them out like he had. He and the guys had once been able to joke around about anything and everything but now he could see his friends try to avoid certain topics, sometimes even in mid-sentence they'd realize what they were about to say and quickly try to change the subject. He hated that.


When the pizza was done they all grabbed a plate and a soda before heading to the living room to nestle down and watch Darkness Falls. Trish set beside Shane and rubbed his arm, "This was my idea, so I'm sorry if you feel we're intruding."


"It's alright," he said. "Thank you so much girl, I really need this. Just like old times, just one difference, and now I see that I can go on. After almost two months since she left I can move on in life without her, well not without her because she's in my heart and always will be but I don't feel I have to let myself die with her."


She smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. "I knew you could go on, and Good luck. Dont' forget when you need a friend, we're always here."


*His life's been hers too long and now he's picking up the pieces, just to stay alive*

*And he's still wondering when she's coming home*

*And he'll tell her what he's done today*

*He doesn't want to lose this memory*

*Of the only part of him that's safe*


Two weeks since the movie night at Shane's house he returned to the WWE and continued his Hurricane Helms character. Everyday he continued to miss his lovely sidekick but he feels he can go one more and more each day. She lives in his heart and helps him when he sees no hope, and no longer holds him back.

(C) Abigail Louise Wotring