Written Illusionz V2.0

What I caused- September 26, 2005
Written Illusionz V2.0
Short illusionz
Long Illusionz
Want to talk to me?
Me, Me, Me.

The day I lied to you haunts me
What could have been lost because of it
Because I was frightened to admit
That I actually loved you
I was afraid of rejection
So I closed you out
What could have happened if I hadn't?
We'll never know
Never know for sure what we could have been
Or what we should have been
Or what might have been
Choices I made changed everything
We'll never know now
If we could have ever been happy
Or even in love
I didn't want to lose you
But what if that is what I caused?

(C) Abigail Louise Wotring