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This is one of my first stand alone fics so it's probably not that great! I was going to write a second part to this recently but i couldnt' think of anything to really happen so maybe in the future there will be a second part.... I only own a few people in this fic....but don't own anything dealing with the WWE, including the Hardyz and Lita.


            It had been months since Amy had last appeared as "Lita". She couldn't take being there, in the WWE any longer, so she knew she had to get out while she still could and without drawing attention to herself. She didn't want to have to explain herself any more than she absolutely had to. It wasn't the fact that she didn't enjoy wrestling because that was important to her, but even though it was important and she loved to be in the arena. She couldn't talk herself into staying and neither could Vince when she told him she wanted release from their contract. He finally agreed to let her take a leave of absence but wanted her to return in a year to talk things through again. Vince had Matt Hardy go on RAW and tell everyone that Lita had a family problem and asked for some time off.

            Amy hated to lie to the fans but it was far better than the truth, what she hated even more was the fact she didn't tell her two best friends, Matt and Jeff Hardy, she was leaving. They were just as surprised as all the other WWE superstars were when Vince made the announcement to all the back locker rooms.


            "Jeff, it's been months since I've heard from Amy. She doesn't return my phone calls and she's never home when I go to check one her, the few chances I get to."

            "Yeah Matt, I understand what you're saying. I haven't heard from her either. Its like she's avoiding us or she just disappeared," Jeff said looking puzzled.

            "I still can't believe she never said a word about leaving, maybe I should call her again." Matt said staring at his cell phone. He finally made up his mind; he wasn't going to call anymore since she apparently needed some space. And he was going to give it to her. That was the hardest decision Matt had ever had to make.

            Working with Amy was the best thing in his life besides for the fact that he was fulfilling his dreams. When the WWE head writers decided to make Matt and Lita an onscreen couple he was a little confused and worried about how Amy might take that but things worked out perfectly, in fact, he found himself falling in love with Amy.

            And at first Amy liked the idea too, since she could spend more time with her friends. The problem began when Amy found herself falling for Matt. She knew that wrestling meant everything to Matt and he'd do anything to be in the ring even if he had to pretend to be "in love" with her. She tried to work with Matt without letting her feelings get in the way, but as time went on it became too difficult for her. That was when she knew she had to leave. She packed up all her belongings and headed home.

            Once at home, she knew she'd have to disappear from there because Matt kept calling and even showing up. Packing her things she headed to an area where she thought no one would bother her, Preston County, West Virginia. She bought a small house out in the country where she didn't even have neighbors except for the ones that lived miles away. She enjoyed the freedom it gave her.


            "Maybe I could call her mom or dad to see if they have heard from Amy," Matt said as him and Jeff were on their way home from a long week of house shows. They were both tired and grateful for the three days off.

            "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Jeff was worried about her too. It had been three months since they had seen her and heard from her. "Its not like Amy, she's scaring me."

            "Me too, Jeff." Matt drove on as tears formed in his eyes. "I knew I should have told her how I felt when I had the chance. Now I might never get the chance to tell her I love her."

            "Matt, why don't you pull over and let me drive, you can't drive in your state of mind," Jeff told Matt as he pulled on Matt's arm.

            "All right," Matt replied pulling over to the side of the road. Getting out of the car and going to the passenger's side Matt thanked his brother. Matt knew he couldn't drive crying so he didn't even fight with him. Before they even got five miles Matt was out, he fell asleep after crying all he could.

            Jeff felt sorry for his heartbroken brother. As he drove he thought about everything that happened. He picked up Matt's cell phone and pulled off to the side of the road. He carefully dialed Amy's mom's number. After about three rings, she answered the phone. "Hello this is the Dumas residence."

            "Hello, Mrs. Dumas?" Jeff listened carefully before going on, making sure he was speaking with the right person. "This is Jeff Hardy. I'm a friend of Amy's"

            "Oh, I see. You're calling because you're worried about her. Right?"

            "Yeah." Jeff couldn't believe how easy she made everything sound.

            "Well she's fine. She just needed to get away."

            "Away from what?" Jeff asked puzzled.

"I am not at liberty to discuss that Jeff."

            "Well could you give me her number or something, so I can get in touch with her?" he asked as Matt began to stir.

            "I'm sorry but I can't. When she's ready, she'll get in touch with you but not until she's ready.'

            "Thanks." Jeff said even though he was disappointed. He turned off the phone and went to return it back to Matt's bag where he found it.

            "Who was that?" Matt asked startling Jeff.

            "It was Amy's mom. She said that Amy is fine and will get in touch with us when she is fully ready."

            "That's good to hear, I guess." Matt was confused by what all of this meant. He thought to himself as Jeff pulled back onto the road and headed home. "What made Amy leave? Something had to have happened. She cared too much for this sport to just up and quit. Some one had to be the reason" Matt concluded.

            "Yeah, but who? Everyone loved her and she loved everyone else." Jeff responded to Matt as he thought about who could have been the cause of Amy's disappearance.

            Jeff drove on in silence, Matt had long fallen asleep. The more he thought about Amy the more puzzled he became. She seemed happy up to the last day he saw her, she must have hidden her emotions and left them complete unspoken. As Jeff neared Cameron, North Carolina a light rain began to fall. He wanted to make it home so he drove on even though visibility became difficult. The rain made a misty fog, which only reflected the light from the headlights back into Jeff's face. He knew there were only a few more miles until he reached home so he continued on his way.

            Before he knew what happened he lost control of the car and struck a telephone pole that sent the car spinning out in front of an oncoming truck. The truck hit the driver's side of Matt's car smashing into Jeff. Matt, who was in the passenger's seat, awoke to the sound of Jeff moaning in pain.

            "What happened?" Matt asked, he was completely out of it and unaware of the wreck.

            "I think my leg is broken," Jeff said as he held back the tears. "I wanted to get home so much that I continued driving even though I couldn't see," he couldn't hold back the tears any longer so he just gave in. "I hit a polethen a truck hit the car."
            "Where is the truck?" Matt looked around and found no one near them.

            "He must have driven off," Jeff said through the pain. "It hurts so much," he added pointing at his leg.

            Matt felt guilty; he was the one who should have been driving. Matt regretted letting Jeff take over so he could sleep. "I'll call 9-1-1," Matt reached into his bag pulling out his cell phone.

            "Hello, this is a 911 operator. What is your emergency?"

            "There has been a wreck. My brother's leg might be broken."

            "State your position."

            Looking around Matt realized they were about five feet away from their dad's driveway." We are right beside Gilbert Hardy's road." Matt said as he began crying. "Jeff and I were so close to home. We are five feet from our father's house," Matt repeated their position in disbelief.

            "There will be a police officer there in a few moments along with an ambulance. Please keep calm and don't leave the sight of the accident." The operator concluded her advice and hung up the phone.

            Minutes later Matt could hear the sirens coming. "They are almost her Jeff. Help is on the way." Matt said as he smoothed down Jeff's hair and wiped the tears off of Jeff's check. "You are almost out." Matt was scared as he thought about what could have happened. He could have lost his brother, maybe even his own life.

            The paramedics arrived but couldn't get Jeff free from the wreckage; the driver's side was smashed beyond belief. The whole time the paramedics assessed the situation, Matt remained by Jeff's side. Soon the fire department arrived and started to cut Jeff free from the car with "The Jaws of Life". Before long the paramedics were able to remove Jeff and place him on the stretcher.

            Once in route to the local hospital Matt decided to call their father. Dialing the number Matt pictured his father: he hated to be the bearer of bad news. The phone ran twice before Gilbert answered.


            "Hey dad."

            "Where are you?" Gilbert asked looking at the clock on the wall. "You and Jeff were supposed to be here about an hour ago."

            "Yeah, I'm sorry dad," Matt paused, trying to search for the right words. "Jeff and I have been in an accident.

"Oh my God!?!" That was all Gilbert could get out as he put his

hand to his mouth. "Is Jeff all right?"
            "I think he has a broken leg and maybe a few broken ribs. We are on our way to the hospital."

            "I'll be there in a few minutes," Gilbert gathered his keys and shoes, "I'm walking out the door now," Gilbert added as he slipped on his shoes and walked out the door pulling it shut behind him.

            The ambulance was greeted by a hospital team the moment it pulled to a stop. Rushing to get him to a doctor was their only focus; Jeff became worried when the hospital staff gasped when they saw him. He soon realized that he couldn't feel his leg, he hadn't been able all evening but with all the commotion he hadn't realized it. Reaching up to Matt, Jeff grabbed his arm, "Matt, I can't feel my leg. Is it still there?"

            Tears swelled up in Matt's eyes as he responded, "It's still there Jeff. Don't worry; everything is going to be all right. The doctors will fix everything."

            An x-ray technician greeted Matt in the corridor, "Hello my name is Sierra. I'll be taking Jeff to get some x-rays so the doctor can better judge the extent of the damage; I have seen Jeff here before so I'm sure he'll be fine." Sierra was usually the one who took Jeff to get x-rays every time he came in.

            "Have you seen him yet?" Matt asked out of shock. He knew Jeff's leg was in bad shape.

            "No not yet. I'm on my way now," she answered, turning to walk down the hall to the emergency room.

            "Please don't gasp at him?" Matt pleaded.

            "Is it that bad?" Sierra asked out of concern.

            "Yeah, it looks pretty bad. His leg is smashed, I don't know, but I seriously think he would be able to wrestle again. That would absolutely kill him," Matt began crying, feeling like an idiot for it, as Sierra hugged her friend.

            "We'll try our best to make sure he gets back into that ring," Sierra knew all to well that wrestling was Jeff's passion. She remembered the day he found out the WWF was interested in signing him, he broke up with her the day after claiming it was all for the best.

            "Thank-you. I know how you feel about Jeff."

            "No problem. Jeff and I are all right, I hold no grudge against him," she said as she turned to go. "I better go check on him," she managed to say before she disappeared behind the door, leaving Matt sitting in the waiting room. She dreaded seeing Jeff if what Matt told her was true, she knew face automatically reflected what she felt. The last thing she wanted to do was to see the person she loves in pain, she never had gotten over him.

            Sierra walked down the long hallway to Jeff assigned room. Upon entering she saw Jeff stretched out on the hospital bed. He had fallen asleep, which made her feel better since he couldn't see her first reaction. Walking over to him she was horrified by the sight of Jeff's mangled leg, she cried as she dreaded facing him. She knew she would have to be the one to break the news that things didn't look all that great. The chance of Jeff ever stepping back into the ring was very slim to none: she had never in four years of working in the emergency room seen someone with their leg as smashed as his.

            "Why you cryin'?" Jeff asked as he awoke.

            "Oh," she wasn't aware he had woken from his sleep. "It's nothing."

            "You're lying to me Sierra. Please don't? I'm aware I hurt you but I still car and I don't like being lied to by those I care about." Jeff had grabbed her hand and was squeezing it tight, "Please tell me the truth," he pleaded.

            Wiping the tears from her eyes Sierra looked deep into Jeff's eyes. "I'm sorry, I promise not to lie to you again."

            "Thank-you Now will you please tell me what's wrong?"

            "Well I don't exactly know for sure yet. You need to have an x-ray done, that's what I'm her for." Sierra walked behind his bed to unlock the wheels, careful not to pull his iv, which was feeding Jeff painkillers. Cautiously she steered Jeff's bed to the x-ray lab, which required them to pass through the waiting area. The moment Matt saw them he ran to Jeff's side with Gilbert close behind.

            "How is he?" Gilbert asked.

            "We'll know more after the x-ray," Sierra answered as she continued on without stopping. They reached the lab within minutes. Sierra wheeled the bed in carefully shutting the door behind her. Pulling out Jeff's chart she filled out the necessary paperwork.

            Jeff observed Sierra's every move as she set up the materials needed. He reminisced his past with Sierra, he hated the way he treated her. He couldn't believe he had actually broken up with her just because he was "moving up in the world" and she was working hard through college to get a "real" job. He didn't understand how she could be civil to him let alone be kind and concerned. His flashback was brought to an end as Sierra tapped him. "I'm just going to remove the sheet for the first x-ray so that the picture will be clear," she said as she slowly pulled the sheet off, placing it on the chair beside the machine. Jeff shivered as the cold air hit his body; he laid there in only his boxers.

            "Is this going to take long?" Jeff asked. "I'm freezing."

            "I'm sorry but it's going to take at least fifteen minutes," Sierra responded holding back her laughter.

            "It ain't funny."

            "It is to me. All right, we are ready for the first x-ray," She stood back behind the machine avoiding the radiation. The x-ray she needed to do required dye to be injected into his leg so the blood flow could be monitored, so she prepared the iv and dye. "I have to inject this," she said pointing to the iv bag, "before we can go on."

            "All right," Jeff said. He'd do about anything as long as it hurried up the process.

            Carefully she inserted the needle into Jeff's arm. The cold needle sent a cold chill throughout his body. The dye was warm and sent a weird sensation up his arm. It felt as though his arm was on fire. "It will take a few minutes for the dye to fully circulate enough that the test would work," Sierra informed him.

            When she believed that enough time passed she returned to her work station. The machine took many x-rays of his leg which took fifteen full minutes. Satisfied that she had accomplished the task of obtaining a detailed x-ray she placed Jeff's sheet across him. She prepared the hospital bed again for moving, she wheeled it out of the radiology lab. This time she decided to take the longer route back to Jeff's assigned room in the emergency area until an opening in the main hospital became available. She didn't feel like stopping to chat with Matt or Gilbert because she was more concerned about getting the x-rays developed.

            Once back in his room Jeff turned on the television to pass the time. Matt and Gilbert were both allowed to visit with him until he wished them to leave. "Hey there," Gilbert shouted from the door. "How'd the x-ray go?"

            "I don't know yet, Sierra had to take them to get developed. She said it could be at least and hour, maybe even more depending on how busy they are down there. I don't think it will be good news though because I caught Sierra crying when she thought I was asleep." Jeff replied looking up at his dad.

            "Don't think like that it may look worse than it actually is," Gilbert said trying to get everyone thinking on the positive side.

            About an hour later Sierra walked into Jeff's room. "Good news, we have an open private room. Are you interested in it?"

            "Sure, how much longer till the x-ray results will be finished?" Matt asked out of concern.

            "Well I think they are ready to look at so as soon as we get Jeff settled into his room," Sierra replied.

            "That's good!" Gilbert exclaimed.

            "Or not," Jeff squeaked looking up at Sierra for a sign. He knew she knew something bad about him by the look in her eyes. He had always been able to pick up on her emotions especially if they dealt with him. Cautiously Sierra wheeled in a transport bed and transferred Jeff unto it. Carefully she unplugged all the machines and started wheeling him toward the elevator.

            Jeff's new room was located on the second floor overlooking the parking lot. Upon arrival he was surprised to find a room full of flowers from all the WWE Superstars, Matt had informed them. He liked his room because it had more room so everyone wasn't cramped in a small area. He closed his eyes and took time to reflect on what all happened, blocking out all the sounds. Sierra left Gilbert and Matt stay in the room with Jeff as she went to get his x-rays.

            Searching for Jeff's results scared the hell out of Sierra. She knew Jeff's leg was in a critical condition but she wasn't sure how critical. The fact that she had to be the one to break the news to Jeff, his wrestling career was more than likely over, ripped her heart in two. Jeff was so in love with his lifestyle that Sierra was afraid that he might go psycho on her. Picking up his file Sierra walked sorrowfully back to Jeff's room. Pausing a moment in front of the door. She took a deep breath entering his room; pulling the door shut behind her. "Well its time we see how things look Jeff," Sierra said avoiding eye contact with him. "You decide if you want Matt and your father to stay or leave."

            "Um I think I'd prefer hearing this alone," Jeff declared looking at his family. "I'm sorry."

            "It's all right, I understand," Gilbert said placing his hand on Jeff's. "Well be right outside," he added putting his arm around Matt's shoulder and walked out.

            When both of them were out of the room with the door closed, Jeff gazed up at Sierra, "Whatever the x-ray showed I want to know. I need to know. Promise me you'll tell me everything."

            "I promise." Sierra agreed as she looked deep into his eyes.

            "Thank-you, I means a lot to me," he said looking straight back at her, struggling to set up.

            Sierra helped Jeff get comfortable before she began explaining his medical situation. When she was certain Jeff was comfortable she pulled over a chair and set down beside him. Slowly she opened the envelope that contained the test results, carefully removing them, "I have not looked at these so please bear with me."

            She took a moment to scan the contents. "Well I promised to be honest with you so I'm going to tell you exactly what the x-rays showed," Sierra took in a deep breath and sucked back the tears wanting to escape. "All three, the femur, tibia, and fibula, in your left leg are broken in multiple places. The way it looks of right now you will need surgery to place several pins in to make sure your leg heals correctly.

            "Does this mean that I won't ever be able to wrestle again," Jeff asked even though he already knew the answer.

            "I'm sorry, but the chance that you get back in the ring doesn't look that great. I'm not saying that it's impossible though." Sierra hated to be in the position she was in especially when the patient was someone she knew. "The note on the chart has you scheduled to have operation tomorrow morning around nine, until then you will be kept on a painkiller which will be fed to you via your iv."

            "Thanks for being truthful. I'd like some time alone," Jeff managed to get out before he broke down. "Can you tell my dad and Matt to give me a few minutes?"
            "Sure, I'll be back later to check on you." Sierra gathered her stuff up and walked out the door. When she entered the hallway Matt jumped to his feet and headed toward her. "Jeff asked me to tell you that he'd like a few minutes alone."

            "How is he?" Matt asked full of concern.

            "I cannot discuss that with you, Matt I'm sorry but he will have to tell you himself." She informed him as she headed down the hall. "I'll see ya later."

            "Yeah, later." Matt returned back to his set beside Gilbert. After about ten minutes Matt stood up and walked to Jeff's door knocking softly. "Jeff, can we come in now or would you like some more time alone?"

            "It's all right you and dad can come in," Jeff said hoarsely. They both knew he had been crying and neither of them was prepared to see Jeff look as bad as he did. He was pale with his hair sticking out in all directions.

            "Oh Jeff," Gilbert managed to say before he lost control and started to cry. He walked over to Jeff pulling his son into his arms. "I'm sorry this all happened." Neither one of them spoke nor did Matt as they all shed tears. "What did Sierra tell you?"

            "She said that I'll probably never wrestle again," Jeff hated to say those words aloud; it was as if he was admitting it was true.

            "Jeff. I'm so sorry, but life will go on," Gilbert reminded his young son. "You're only twenty-one, maybe its time you start a family."

            "How's that one going to happen?" Jeff asked his father. "I ain't even dating anyone."

            "Well, start!"

            "It isn't that easy, dad."

            "What the hell are you? Blind?" Gilbert asked.

            "Huh?" Jeff was completely shocked by his dad's words. "I don't know what you mean."

            "Of course you do. Doesn't he Matt?" Gilbert looked to his other son for help.

            "I hope someone knows because I surely don't," Matt replied dumbfounded.

            "Oh good grief, what I'm talking about is Sierra. She"

            "Dad please," Jeff interrupted. "There is nothing between Sierra and me, that ended awhile back."

            "It didn't end Jeff. Stop lying to yourself, you have feelings for her. You're feelings for her never stopped and I know her feelings for you are still there, so stop being pig-headed and pull things back together," Gilbert shouted.

            "If you want to talk about someone about feelings then I think maybe you should talk to Matt," Jeff screamed back. "He's the idiot who fell in love with Amy and never told her before it was too late."

            "That's exactly my point Jeff. Don't lose Sierra by not telling her that you love her. Don't wait Jeff or you'll end up hating yourself later when you let her slip away for good."

            Sierra could hear yelling coming from Jeff's room as she approached it. She wondered what they were arguing about, so she paused a moment to listen. Everything was muffled so she wasn't able to make out what they were talking about. Knocking softly Sierra listened for an answer before entering.

            "Come in," Matt said as he opened the door to find Sierra standing there. He wondered if she had head the commotion and searched for a sign. He concluded that she hadn't heard a word they were saying.

            "Hey there. Just wanted to know if any of you need anything?" Sierra asked.

            "No thanks," Jeff answered as he blushed form embarrassment.

            "Okay, just thought I'd check before I went home, my shift is over for the night, but I'll be here bright and early in the morning to get you ready for surgery. So since you don't need anything, I'm leaving, if you do happen to need anything push the button on your bed there," she pointed at the red button located on the bed rail. "My friend Angelia will be your nurse, she's nice. I'll see you all tomorrow."

            "Well not all of us," Matt informed her. "I have to go back to work or Vince will fire my ass."

            "Oh, well good luck on your matches."       

            "Thanks, it was nice to see you again Sierra."

            "Yeah, it's been too long. Hope to see you again soon. Bye," Sierra smiled as she waved before heading home.

            When Gilbert was sure Sierra had left, he said "See I told you she likes you."

            "Dad," Jeff sighed. "She's only doing her job. Why do you ignore the facts?"

            "I'm not. If you don't mind I'd like to get some sleep. It has been a very long day."

            "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow." Gilbert stood up from the chair he had been sitting in. He walked to Jeff's bed side and hugged him. "Things will work out fine in the end, you'll see."

            Matt joined his dad after a few minutes of silence. "I'll call tomorrow evening after the show, because I have a long day of traveling ahead of me. I have to go to Dallas Texas for a house show."

            "All right bro, I'll talk to you then. Please tell everyone that I said thanks for their concern."

            "I'll do that," Matt hugged Jeff. Together, Matt and Gilbert exited Jeff's hospital room and headed for the elevator. Once inside the elevator and heading down, Matt turned to his father. "Dad, what is going to happen if Jeff can't wrestle again?"

            "I don't know, I seriously don't know. We'll figure that out when that time comes," Gilbert sighed looking at the floor as he walked out to the parking lot.

            "Yeah. Do you think he'll be able to handle living alone when he gets released?"

            "Not for awhile so he'll have to accept some help. But," Gilbert paused a moment to think about what he was about to say, "I think he'll realize that the answer to all his prayers is right in front of his eyes."

            "Sierra?" Matt asked as he got into his dads old Chevy truck.

            "Yes, Sierra," Gilbert replied as he slid in behind the steering wheel. "No matter what Jeff says, I know that boy has feelings for her. And any person can see that she loves him by the way she looks at him. Jeff hasn't had a serious girlfriend in his life except for her; Trish Stratus, Stacey Keibler, and Molly Holly were all just stand-ins that Jeff dated to take his mind off of what he let go."

            Matt set staring at the windshield as Gilbert drove home. He couldn't help but feel a little guilty, he should have never asked Jeff to drive, he knew Jeff was tired and shouldn't have been behind the wheel. Matt listened to his father knowing he was right about Jeff, all those girls meant absolutely nothing to Jeff. Jeff was using them to forget about Sierra and how much he loved her. "Dad, Sierra is a wonderful girl and I know she loves Jeff but she won't wait forever for him to realize that he loves her too, what are we going to do?"

            "I don't know, maybe you can ask one of the Divas to talk to Jeff."

            "If only Amy hadn't disappeared, she would have talked to him. Maybe Molly will talk to him, though. She's a sweet girl."

            "She may be a sweet girl but how did Jeff treat her?" Gilbert turned to his son and grabbed his arm as the two of them entered Gilbert's home.

            "Thanks why I suggested Molly because compared to Trish and Stacey Jeff treated her like a goddess." Matt cringed at the flashback he got of Jeff publicly humiliating Stacey. "I should see Molly tomorrow, I think she's assigned the same fan appearance as me," Matt said scratching his head.

            "I hope she'll agree to help us. Well I'm tired so I'm going to head to bed." Gilbert turned and walked down the hallway, "You better do the same thing, you have a long day ahead of you Goodnight."

            "Night Dad. I'll probably be gone before you get up. I'm going to take Jeff's car, so I'll call you on you're cell phone when I have time."

            "All right. Be careful."

****************At the hospital, Jeff's room********************

            Jeff awoke to the ringing of the telephone. At first he thought it was a dream. "Hello," Jeff said picking up the phone as he searched for a clock, realizing it was 2:00 a.m.

            "I'm sorry that I woke you up Rainbow Boy."

            "Amy, Is that you?" Jeff gasped.

            "Yeah, I'm sorry I called at this time but I"

            "Don't worry about it girl, I'm glad to hear your voice."

            "It's good to hear yours too. I heard about your accident, are you going to be all right?" Amy asked as she curled up in her chair.

            "I don't know Aimers," Jeff replied trying not to cry as he set up in his bed. "They said that I'll never wrestle again."

            "Oh Jeff, I had no idea it was that bad."

            "Aimers, I'm scared."

            "I know you are Rainbow. I'm coming home; I'll be there tomorrow because I want to be there for you."

            "I miss you girl."

            "I miss you too. I'm so sorry I left without telling you. My mom told me you called for me, but I still never called you. I am sorry, please forgive me?"

            "Amy its all right, you must have had a good reason. You did what you needed to."

            "It wasn't a good reason. I ran because I was scared. I was scared Jeff. I ran because I was scared." Amy cried into the phone.

            "Its all right Aimers, it's all right. Just come back."
            "I'm going to first thing in the morning."

            "I'll look forward to seeing you, but I better go now because I need sleep. I'm having surgery in the morning."

            "Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can. I love you Jeff."

            "I love you too, Aimers." Jeff replied as the two of them hung up the phone. He stayed awake for an hour before drifting back to sleep. His sleep was filled of nightmares, as he tossed and turned for hours.

            Sierra, arriving to work, made her first stop at Jeff's room. Seeing him tossing, she softly placed her hand on his forehead as she smoothed down his hair. She set on Jeff's bed as he calmed down. Sierra loved being near him, being able to sooth Jeff made her extremely happy.

            Jeff began to stir as Sierra watched him sleep. Sensing eyes staring at him, he opened his eyes startled by the sight of Sierra watching him. "Oh, I'm sorry Jeff. I came to check on you and I guess I must have zoned out for a moment."

            "Oh, don't worry about it." Noticing it was 8:30 a.m. he set up carefully wincing from the pain. "Is it time to get ready for surgery?" he asked.

            "In just a few minutes, Dr. Franklin Royne isn't here yet." Sierra stood up to straighten up her uniform before going on her rounds.

            "Good morning there Jeff," Gilbert said from the doorway.

            "Hi, dad. You'll never believe who called me last night."

            "Umlet me thinkSierra?"

"No. Dad. Will you please get it through your head that Sierra and I

are not going to get back together?" Jeff sighed realizing his dad had it set in his mind that it was going to be like they never broke up.

            "Why? You two love each other."

            "Will you just shut up?" Jeff screamed before he could control himself. He watched his dad gasp in disbelief. "I'm sorry Dad, I really am. Please forgive me?"

            "Of course I forgive you. I probably deserved that but I want you to be happy." Gilbert took a set on the edge of Jeff's bed as he placed his hand on Jeff's arm. "So who called you?"



            "Yes, she really called. And she's coming to see me today."

            "Oh god, Matt would love to be here. Did she say why she left?"
            "No, but I thought I'd tell you because she'll probably arrive while I'm in surgery."

            "Oh, okay. Did she say where she was?"

            "No and I didn't ask."

            "Hey Gil," Sierra greeted him from the door, "I didn't realize you were here yet."

            "Yeah, when does Jeff have to go?"

            "Well now, that's why I came."


            "Umthere is a waiting room you can stay in during Jeff's surgery. It's down the hall, the room to the left of the elevator, that's where the doctor, Dr. Royne, will come to talk to you."

            "All right, thanks sweetie. Jeff, I'll see you as soon as you come back to your room."

            "Okay Dad." Jeff watched as Gilbert walked out of the room. "How long will the operation take Sie?"

            "About two hours without complications. Right now I have to get you prepped for surgery," Sierra told Jeff as she pulled the cover off his left leg. She winced as the sight of his swollen, bruised leg. She wasn't prepared to actually have to prep someone she loved for surgery. "I'm sorry if this hurts but I need to shave your leg," she informed Jeff before she put the cold shaving cream on his leg.

            "Whoa, is that actually necessary?"

            "Yes it is Jeff."

            "Sie I don't understand what they are going to do to me. Could you explain it for me?"

            "I wish I could but I could lose my job if I did."

            "Sie, Please?" Jeff pleaded.

            "Oh, all right but you can't tell anyone that I told you. Promise?"

            "Yes. Thanks, Sie."

            "No problem, well they are going to cut your leg open from about here," she said pointing to his ankle, "to about a few inches below your hipbone."

            "Then what?"

            "Well they'll insert a metal rod, about half an inch in diameter. I wish I could tell you more but that's all I really know."

            "Thanks Sierra for being honest with me. One more question, how long will it take before I'll walk again?"

            "Jeff. That is something that I can't tell you. It depends on many different factors."

            "Okay, well, will I ever walk?"

            "Most of the time people walk within three months of rehab."

            "So there is a chance I will be able to wrestle again." Jeff searched Sierra's face for an answer but she turned away from his gaze. "Sie tell me there is a chance."

            "I can't, you told me to be honest and that's what I'm doing." She shaved his leg in silence while he stared at the sight. "Okay I'm done. Now you need to change into this gown," she said holding out a clean hospital gown. "Would you like some help?"


            "Then I'll be right back with the gurney." Jeff stared at the light without blinking for moments before he quickly changed. He examined his leg until Sierra walked back into the room pushing the gurney in front of her. "Put your arm around my neck and jump down off the bed, but be careful not to bump your left leg." Obediently he listened as she steadied him from falling.

            Cautiously she guided him to the stepstool in front of the gurney. She held him tightly when he began to shake almost causing him to fall. "Whoa, I got you. Don't worry about holding unto me, I understand. It's part of my job."

            "Sie, I'm sorry I hurt you. I've acted like an ass toward you. Why do you continue to be nice to me?" Jeff questioned her after taking a set on the gurney.

            "Because I do. I know you're a good person even if you don't always act like it. Lay down." The moment she was certain he was done moving around she started pushing him down the hall to the operating room. "I'll see you later Jeff. This is Dr. Royne he will take it from now but I'll be back as soon as he's through."

            "Okay. See you Sie." Turning Sierra exited the room, and headed back to the nurses' station.

            "Excuse me, ma'am." A lady grabbed Sierra's arm as she stepped off the elevator, "could you tell me where I can find Jeff Hardy's room?" She asked as she removed her sunglasses.


            "Umthat's my name but do I know you?" Amy looked at Sierra puzzled.

            "Yeah sort of, I'm Sierra. I met you a few times. I'm Jeff's ex."

            "Ohyeah. I'm sorry I forgot."

            "It's fine. Well Jeff was just taken to surgery but Gilbert is in the waiting room right there," Sierra said pointing to a room. "I'll be at the nurses' center if you need me."

            "Thanks," Amy headed for the waiting room praying that Matt wasn't there.

***********************Operating room*************************

            "Okay Jeff. I'm going to cut open your leg and insert rods, while I'm in there; I'm also going to check the joints to make sure they aren't damaged, like we believe. Any questions?"


            "Okay then my assistant Mrs. Rosel is going to put you to sleep with an injection."

            Mrs. Rosel did as she was told and moments later the surgical team had Jeff strapped to the operating table. Dr. Royne picked up the scalpel carefully making a deep cut down the back of Jeff's leg. Once he was satisfied with the incision he washed the blood off his hands. The easy part of the operation was completed forty minutes into it. The next part would be the hardest part of the whole thing. Mrs. Rosel had the rods ready to go when Dr. Royne said the word.

*****************************Waiting room********************************

Amy hesitantly entered the waiting room Sierra pointed out to her. She quickly glanced around the room looking for familiar faces, only one stood out to her. It was Gilbert, who was flipping through a magazine unaware of her presence. "Hello stranger," Amy said as she sat down beside him.

            "Amy! Jeff told me you were coming; I just didn't believe him though."


            "Because the way you treated him and Matt gave me the impression that you didn't care about them."

            "That's not true!" Amy spat at Gilbert with such a force it made him wince.

            "Oh it isn't? Then why the hell did you leave?"

            "That's none of you damn business. I will tell Jeff and Matt why I left when I'm good and ready."

            "Well that better be soon!?!"

            "Why do you hate me so much Gilbert?" Amy asked looking him straight in the eyes.

            "I have my reasons." He stated turning away from her.

            "Well you better tell me your damn reasons or I'll leave right now." Amy spat at him as she stood up to leave.

            Gilbert reached for Amy's hand pulling her back to her seat. "I'm sorry Amy; I'm just worried and scared for my son. I will do anything to protect either one of my sons. I shouldn't have taken my anger out on you though."

            "I understand," she whispered as she held back her tears. "I'm sorry that I hurt them. I really am."

 **************************Operating Room***************************

            After a short break Dr. Royne directed Mrs. Rosel to hand him the first rod. Gradually he inserted the rod as close to the bone as he could, which was difficult since the bone was fractured into many pieces. Dr. Royne checked Jeff's knee cap intensely before declaring that it was miraculously in perfect condition. That fact surprised the surgical team; it also gave Jeff a slight higher chance of stepping back into the ring. Once the first rod was in place he slowly inserted the second, and last, rod.

            With both rods in place Dr. Royne instructed the surgical team to reattach all the veins and muscles carefully back to where they belonged. Almost thirty minutes after the original estimated time length the surgery was complete.

            Mrs. Rosel then took Jeff into his recovery room where he'd be monitored continuously until he woke up. It was estimated that Jeff would be awake with the hour so they placed him back under Sierra's care.

*******************Waiting Room*****************************

            "Mr. Hardy," Dr. Royne announced at the doorway of the waiting room. Gilbert stood up extending his hand to Amy before walking out into the hallway. "Your son did extremely well in surgery. He has a pretty good chance of regaining all uses of his leg. The joints were unharmed like we predicted, so that isn't going to hold him back, but he'll still need a lot of physical therapy before he can even begin to think about wrestling."

            "Thank-you Doctor." Gilbert said extending his hand to show his appreciation.

            "No problem, it's just part of my job."

            "When can we see him?"

            "As soon as he wakes up. Sierra will inform you of that but it shouldn't be very long. Any other questions?"

            "No sir, thanks for asking though."

            "Then I must be going because I'm needed in the operating room." Dr. Royne disappeared moments later behind a huge door leaving Gilbert and Amy standing alone in the hall.

            "That's great news!" Amy exclaimed as she hugged Gilbert. She knew he meant well even though he treated her like shit before. Together they returned to the waiting room to watch television until Sierra came to get them.

*******************Recovery Room*****************************

            Jeff moaned as he began to stir causing Sierra to jump to her feet and run to his side. She had been sitting in a chair across the room watching him; she placed her hand on his forehead to calm him. Through pain stricken eyes he looked up at her. "Am I all right now?"

            "Yes, you're going to be just fine. Are you in any pain?"

            "Do you have to ask?" Jeff laughed at the question.

            "I guess not but I wanted to make sure you'd want pain killers because it is your choice." Sierra responded, she should have known Jeff would come back with a smart remark.

            "Hell yeah I want some pain killers, usually I bear through the pain but I can't bear through this. My leg feels like a freight train is running over it."

            "That's expected, I'll be right back with something to give you before we return you to your room." Sierra said as she left Jeff alone in the recovery room.

            He lay staring up at the ceiling waiting for Sierra to return. He knew in his heart he loved her and just watching her made him ashamed of his actions toward her. He wished there was a way he could take back all the unkind things he said to her and done to her. If only he would have realized before that she truly loved him and would have stood by him through everything but instead he allowed his pride to get between them.

            "Hey, what you thinking about?" Sierra asked when she entered the room noticing the far off look on Jeff's face.

            "A lot of things Sie, I've messed up a lot of things in my life," he sighed.

            "We all have." She stood there watching him as she wondered what he was exactly talking about. "I'm going to inject this into your iv, so the pain will be relieved shortly." Sierra said pointing at the syringe in her hand. She carefully injected the medication into Jeff's iv, turning to leave, "I'll be right back because I need to dispose of the syringe and get the papers ready for me to transfer you back to your room."

            "Wait Sie," Jeff managed to say before she could leave. "I love you, Sie."

            She stared at Jeff in disbelief; she couldn't believe what he had actually said "Please don't lie to me Jeff? I can't and won't listen to it. You have no idea what you're even talking about." Sierra ran from his room throwing the syringe into the hazardous waste can before running to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror staring at herself cry, thinking to herself 'How could he joke about loving me, he's such an ass.' After a few minutes she straightened up her uniform and wiped her eyes.

            She walked to the nurses' desk and sat down at her work station as the other nurses watched her. They all figured Jeff had said something to upset her because he was her only patient due to the fact that she was a private nurse. She knew she had to do her job regardless of her feelings about Jeff, so she started filling out his forms.

            After filing all the appropriate paper work Sierra returned to the recovery room. "It's about time to go to your room," she said unlocking the brakes of his bed slowly pushing it out of the recovery room and down the hall. Once inside she placed Jeff's bed back where it was supposed to be. "I'll go let Amy and Gilbert know they can come visit you.'

            "Wait Sie, I need to talk to you," Jeff pleaded.

            "All right, you have five minutes," Sierra agreed and took a seat in the chair across the room from Jeff.

            "I meant what I said earlier. I love you; I never should have broken up with you. I've loved you every day since I've gotten to know you. Please forgive me and please will you be mine again?"

            "Jeff, I don't know what to say."

            "Sie please say yes?"
            "I don't think I can Jeff," She cried.

            "Why?" Jeff managed to ask through his tears.

            "Because I can't, Jeff. Yes, I love you but that doesn't take back the fact that you've hurt me too many times. I never doubted my love for you but apparently you doubted your love for me and you doubted my love for you," Sierra sobbed. "No if you don't have anything else to say, I'm going to get Gilbert and Amy," she said standing up to leave.

            "I'm sorry that's about all I can say and I promise that if you give me another chance I won't hurt you." She left without responding, walking down the hall to the waiting room.

            Amy noticed Sierra first so she stood up and walked over to her with Gilbert close behind her. Noticing Sierra's bloodshot eyes Amy became scared. "Oh my God. Did something bad happen to Jeff?"

            "No, why?' Sierra asked out of confusion.

            "Why were you crying then?"

            "UmI'd rather not talk about it. Jeff is fine, so you two can go see him now." Turning toward Gilbert she added, "it's the same room as before."

            "Thanks, Sierra." Gilbert hugged her before heading to Jeff's room. He knew that Jeff somehow upset Sierra but he wasn't sure how.

            Gilbert and Amy entered Jeff's room together only to find Jeff in tears. He smiled looking at Amy, "Hey there girl, long time no see. Come over here and give me a hug." Obediently Amy did as she was told.

            "Good to see you Rainbow boy, butwhat's wrong?" Amy asked, taking a seat on the side of the bed.

            "I told Sierra that I love her."

            "Really?" What she say?"

            "More or less that it doesn't matter because she doesn't want hurt again."

            "Well Jeff you had to have had some idea that she'd say that, right?"

            "Yeah Aimers, but I know she still loves me because she told me." Jeff told his best friend as she leaned against his arm.

            "If she still loves you then she might give it a second chance. By the way, why didn't you ever tell me much about Sierra?"

            "Because I was trying to forget about her," Jeff answered.

            Gilbert, who was standing off to the side watching the two of them, started to walk out the door as Jeff caught sight of him. "Where you going dad?" he asked before Gilbert was completely out the door.

            "I thought I'd go get some diner, I haven't eaten anything today."

            "Oh, all right. Are you coming back though?"

            "Yeah," Gilbert said right before he walked out of the room. HE was heading for the phone to call Matt before he went to the cafeteria.

**************************Jeff's Room**************************

            "Why we're you trying to forget about her?" Amy continued to question her friend.

            "Because I knew what Sierra and I shared was "real." I didn't want to go off to the WWE and leave her so I just broke up with her."

            "But you never stopped loving her?"

            "No I didn't, that's why I tried dating but all Trish, Stacey, and Molly did was make me realize that Sierra was the best I could ask for. She was smart, beautiful, kind, andoh I could go on forever but I don't want to bore you girl. Now I think I've lost her forever and it feels like a part of me died when she told me she didn't want me."

            "Oh Jeff. I'm so sorry but don't give up on her if you love her."

            "Okay. So, who's the lucky man in your life?" Jeff asked to change the subject.

            "There is no guy in my life." Amy sadly replied.

            "Why? You are wonderful and you should be happy with someone."

            "Because I never told the guy I love how I feel and now it's probably too late."

            "No it isn't, just tell him."

            "Jeff, I don't think it's going to be that easy."

            "Who is the lucky man? Is it someone I know?"

            "Yeah it's someone you know but that's all I'm saying."

            "Come on Aimers. I told you about Sie."

            "I'll tell you if you can guess." Amy loved picking on Jeff, so she was going to make a game out of it. "You can ask me yes or no questions to narrow it down." Amy giggled at Jeff's facial expression.

            "Amy!?! That's going to take forever."

            "Well I ain't going anywhere soon are you?"

            "No, I guess not. Okay. Is he a wrestler?"


            "Um" Jeff paused trying to come up with a good question to ask. "Amy, I can't think of anything!"

            "Haha, then you don't need to know," Amy teased.

            "Amy! It's not funny. Umdoes he have short hair?"


            "Is it dark?"

            "Would this mystery man happen to be from Cameron?"

            "Yup, he sure is."

            "It's Matt!" Jeff couldn't believe what he just found out; Matt was going to be happy when he found out.

            "Yeah, see that wasn't too hard was it?"

            "Nope. Amy you got to tell him!" Jeff squeezed Amy against him.

            "Why? He won't care."

            "Bullshit, Aimers. You have to tell him. Is that why you left?"

            "Yeah, I thought I had better leave before I embarrassed myself. Matt and I were only supposed to be an onscreen couple; I wasn't supposed to fall in love with him."

            "Things just happen Amy."

*****************Reception Desk********************************

"Sierra," Gilbert motioned for her to talk to him, "could I possibly use the phone?"

            "Yeah, Gilbert. Go right ahead."

            "Thanks," Gilbert said as he picked up the phone and dialed Matt's cell phone number.

            "Hello?" Matt said when he answered the phone.

            "Hey Matt"

            "Dad, how's Jeff?"

            "He's fine. The doctor said he may even wrestle again."

            "That's great."

            "Guess who showed up here today?"        

            "Who?" Matt curiously asked.


            "You're lying right?"

            "No, she's in Jeff's room talking to him."

            "Try to keep her there until I get there."

            "I'll try."

            "Thanks dad, bye." Matt hung up his phone praying to get to the hospital before Amy could disappear again.

*******************Jeff's room**************************************

            "Are you going to tell him," Jeff asked.

            "Do you really think I should?" Amy asked uncertainly.

            "Hell yeah Aimers."

            "All right, I'll tell him when I see him again."

            "Good" Jeff couldn't believe that Matt and Amy both were in love with each other and neither one of them was aware. "So where'd you go when you left North Carolina?"

            "I went to a small town in West Virginia. It was beautiful and quiet. The people there dint' bother me like most do when they realize I'm "Lita." They all respected my privacy and welcomed me with open arms."

            "It sounds nice, are you going back there?"

            "Well not in the near future but I'd love to go back sometime, maybe with Matt."

            "I bet he'd like it there too. Hey you two could go there on your honeymoon."

            "Maybe, if we ever get married. That would be a dream come true." Amy visioned being Mrs. Mathew Moore Hardy.

            "What you dreaming about?" Jeff asked his friend who was leaning against him.

            "Just thinking about my wedding day," Amy answered smiling g up at Jeff, her possible future-brother-in-law and best friend.

            The two of them lay on Jeff's hospital bed, Amy with her head on Jeff's shoulder. They both loved being near each other and know that they didn't have to lie to impress each other because they were best friends. Moments later Jeff drifted off to sleep, Amy knew that he had had a rough past couple of days and didn't want to risk waking him up so she closed her eyes just to rest. It wasn't long before she fell asleep too.

**************ten minutes later******************


            Matt walked into the dining hall spotting his dad eating at a back table. He had already ate, even though it was just a value mean from McDonalds, so he just ordered a coffee and made his way across the room. "Hi dad, Is Amy still here?"

            "I think so Matt but I guess she could have left by now. Let me finish my sandwich and then we'll go up to Jeff's room."         
            "Okay. That sounds good to me." Matt sipped his coffee while millions of thoughts ran through his mind. It had been five months since he had last seen Amy and he was afraid that maybe things had changed too much allowing any chance of them being together slip away. 'If only Vince wouldn't have pushed us together,' Matt thought, 'maybe she'd still be my best friend.' Lost in deep thought Matt hadn't realized Gilbert had finished his food and was waiting for Matt beside the garbage can.

            "Earth to Matt"

            "Huh?" he asked out of confusion.

            "Are you coming or do you want to sit there and daydream?"

            "Oh sorry dad. Let's go." The two of them made their way to the elevator to get to the second floor. Stepping off the elevator they ran into Sierra. "Hey there girl, where you headed?" Matt asked.

            "I'm on my way to Jeff's room to see if he'd like some more painkillers and ask what he'd like for dinner."          

            "Well then we can go together because that's where we are headed." Matt said as he gestured toward his father.

            Sierra entered Jeff's room first only to be shocked. She stopped dead in her tracks causing Matt to run into her. "What's wrong?" Matt asked holding onto Sierra so she wouldn't fall. Then he saw what she did and became furious. "What the hell is going on in here?" Matt screamed at the top of his lungs.

            Amy jumped at the sound of Matt's voice. She stood up as fast as she could which woke Jeff. "Hello Matt," Amy said as she walked over to Matt to give him a hug.

            But before she could Matt pushed her away. "You asshole," he yelled at Jeff.

            "Whoa, Matt don't jump to conclusions. What you do you think is going on?" Jeff questioned his brother.

            "Would you mind letting up have a few minutes alone," Matt asked Amy, Gilbert, and Sierra.

            "Sure, we'll be back later," Sierra ushered the others out in front of her.

            "Jeff, you know how I feel about Amy. How can you take her from me?" Matt was devastated and let Jeff know. "I thought you wanted Amy and me to be happy together, but you want her for yourself, don't you?"

            "No Matt I don't want Amy, I love Sierra. Amy is my best friend, that's all. What you saw was two best friends who talked until they fell asleep, nothing else happened, nothing! I swear! I'd never intentionally take someone that I know you want. I can't believe you'd actually think I would," Matt sighed as Jeff continued, "but you better tell Amy how you feel before someone else sweeps her off her feet and into their arms."

            "I know but I don't know what I'd do if Amy didn't love me back. I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions, do you forgive me?"

            "Yeah Matt I forgive you this time. Just don't let it happen again," Jeff jokingly added.

            "Well I guess I better go tell Sierra and dad that they can come back in. I want to talk to Amy now though so I don't' chicken out later." Matt said disappearing out of Jeff's room and down the hall.

            Moments later Sierra entered the room with a tray of food, followed by Gilbert. "I'm sorry I didn't ask before I ordered your food but I didn't have time since Matt and you needed to talk. So I went ahead and ordered you pasta, I hope you like it."

            "It will be fine, Sie. Thanks."

            "Your welcome. Do you feel any pain?"

            "Yeah it feels like my leg is getting hit by millions of hammers."

            "Would you like some pain killers?"

            "Umnot really all I want is for you to understand I love you and I'm not lying. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Sie. Please give me a second chance?" Jeff begged as he looked straight in her eyes. He knew she wanted to be with him by the look in her eyes but she was scared.

            "Jeff," Sierra paused as to hesitate, "I'd like that.'

            "Thank-you. You make me so happy Sie. I love you and this time I ain't letting you get away from me."

            "You better not let me get away," Sierra said leaning over to kiss him. "I love you too."

            "Its great to see you two back together," Gilbert smiled at them from the doorway, which he had been standing in the whole time. "So when did this all happen?"

            "Well dad after surgery I had a lot of time to think while in the recovering room and I realized Sie is the one thing in my life I need more than anyone else. I just wish I would have realized that she is "the one' sooner." Jeff held Sierra's hand as his father hugged them both. "Sie?"

            "Yeah Jeff."

            "Will you move in with me at my house when I get out of here?"

            "I'd love too.'

***********************The hospital balcony****************

            Matt led Amy outside to the hospital balcony in silence. "Amy listen I'm sorry that I got the wrong idea seeing you and Jeff together. I just got jealous." Matt stated when he was sure they were alone. For once no one crowded around them for an autograph, one good thing about the hospital, he thought to himself.

            "Jealous of what?"

            "Amy," Matt looked deep into her eyes before continuing. "I love you, I have ever since we started hanging out, I just realized it though, when you disappeared. I guess, I was completely caught up in the onscreen relationship, which I started to believe it was real."

            Amy sighed with relief, "I'm so glad you feel that way, Matt. I love you too, that's why I left. I laws afraid you wouldn't feel the same. I ran for fear of being rejected."

            "Amy, I'd never reject you. What do you think of the idea or you moving into my house with me?"

            "I love that idea."


**************************THE END*******************



(C) Abigail Louise Wotring